Avatar toy and game,Avatar Na’vi Leonopteryx Collectible Figure

Avatar Na’vi Leonopteryx Collectible Figure



  • From James Cameron’s film, Avatar

  • The fiercest and most feared Na’vi creature in all of Pandora!
  • Giant 20-inch wingspan
  • 20 points of articulation and the ability to carry any basic Avatar figure on its back
  • Great collector’s item!


Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The fiercest and most feared Na’vi creature in all of Pandora comes swooping in, claws poised with an impressive 20-inch wingspan, several points of articulation and the ability to carry any basic Avatar figure on its back. Includes a display stand and an exclusive i-Tag to bring the Leonopteryx to 3-D life. Figures sold separately. Go to http://www.avataritag.com to activate and unlock the adventure!

Product Description

Intended for ages 6+, each Avatar Creature/Vehicle interacts with most 3 ¾â- 4 ¼â figures, and is accompanied by a character-specific i-tag and a display stand. Boasting a 20-inch wingspan and featuring multiple points of articulation, the Leonopteryx seats one Basic figure (not included). Measuring 24.4 meters in length with a 20-meter wingspan, the garishly-hued Leonopteryx, among the most formidable of PandoraâTMs creatures, is a carnivore which primarily feeds upon the likes of Mountain and Forest Banshees. The Leonopteryx is armed with monstrous jaws, a razor-sharp fin, and immense talons. Jake SullyâTMs successful attempt to tame a Great Leonopteryx, earning him the mystic title of Toruk Makto, generates profound reverence among the NaâTMvi, helping to unite the latter against their human adversaries.
This Leonopteryx is a beautiful figurine, and I use that term lightly because it has a 20 inch wingspan. It’s huge! But then again, it was huge in the movie, and the scale of it matches the Na’vi figures correctly. The coloring is beautiful, looking down on it from above, but the underside is mostly one color. The anatomy is very well detailed as well, but with the lack of other colors on most of the body it leaves a little to be desired. It is a very sturdy model, and the wings can be (with some force required) switched between two positions, however they’re somewhat subtle in difference. The tips of the wings are clear, stiff and pointy! You’ll put an eye out with this thing if you’re not careful. It’s a bit difficult to get the Na’vi figurines to ‘sit’ on the Leonopteryx convincingly, and I don’t think if you were ‘playing’ with it (flying it around) the Na’vi character would stay in place. But I think it’s beautiful to look at and makes a stunning addition to the Avatar collection.
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